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Thank you for your interest in youth and young adult ministries.

In the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California, ministry to and with the youth and young adults in our midst, is at the core of our mission and values. Christ is moving in the lives of the younger members of our congregations, and it is a privilege to walk with them in their journey of discovering who they are and Whose they are.


Our goal is for this section of our new website is to equip you --leaders and students, lay and ordained-- with tools you can use to strengthen and grow the youth and young adult ministries within your congregation and community. Check back here frequently as this resource center grows, offering support in areas such as curriculum selection, standards and guidelines, mission and outreach, fund raising, developing thriving youth ministry in smaller churches, icebreakers and games, incorporating technology in youth ministry and so much more!

As we grow and develop Youth and Young Adult Ministries in Northern California, we thank you for your prayers, presence and continued support.


Please contact Anne Clarke, Lifelong Christian Faith Formation Coordinator, at

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