1) Complete the Withdrawal Form:

a. The U.S. Bank account number can be found on your monthly statement. If you are not receiving a monthly statement from U.S. Bank, please contact Kati Braak, Director of Operations, at 916-442-6918, ext. 228.

b. Check the box of the fund from which you want the funds to come from. For example, if your church has one fund that is invested in both the “C” Fund and the “A” Fund, check either the Cash or Balanced Fund or both.

c. This form can be used to set-up a regular withdrawal. For example, if you would like the quarterly interest earnings from the “C” Fund disbursed, instead of filling in an amount on the form, put “quarterly interest”. You will receive a check each quarter based on the directive and will not have to complete another request for withdrawal.

2) Submit the Withdrawal Form to the The Episcopal Diocese of Northern California, 350 University Avenue, Suite 280, Sacramento, CA 95825, Attention: Kati Braak/Investment Fund.

Once we receive your withdrawal form, a member of the Investment Fund Committee will sign off and we will forward to U.S. Bank. It takes about a week for the U.S. Bank check to arrive once the statements have been produced.

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