What Is a Woman Who Loves Too Much?

What Is a Woman Who Loves Too Much?

photo and article courtesy of Nancy Kilgore, M.S.

Daily, all across America, women can suffer countless hours in emotional turmoil because of codependency. A woman in love dependency/co-dependency does not feel that she can be a happy, fulfilled, human being unless she is loved by a member of the opposite sex. A “woman who loves too much” often invests in a negative relationship and often denies that it is dysfunctional. She is attracted to men who are emotionally incapable of loving her intimately. Additionally, she may have irrational hope that things will change or get better within a negative relationship. She is often very generous and doesn’t get much in return from her partner. A woman with this challenge can also have dysfunctional relationships with their children, bosses, work situations, and friendships. She will often set herself up to suffer as a martyr in a relationship. For many women, these behaviors can be apparent with children and family members. Essentially, a “woman who loves too much” may relinquish her personal dignity in the service of being over involved and preoccupied in trying to solve problems or issues for another person.

In Robin Norwood’s book, Women Who Love Too Much, the characteristics and definition of a love dependent are defined. Since its publication in the 1980s, this book has become a touchstone for millions of women in unfulfilling relationships devoid of love and emotional commitment. Because of this important book, an electrifying, immediate response created a national movement for many women who wanted to have fulfilling relationships with an intimate partner, their children, relatives, friends and co-workers. The formation of support groups started all over America. The focus of these groups became that of empowerment and support for many women.

One such support group, called "Women Who Love Too Much," is now meeting every Tuesday from 6:30pm - 8:30pm at Trinity Cathedral. This free, confidential group is led by Nancy Kilgore, M.S. (pictured above right), national author and presenter on women's issues.

For more information, contact Nancy Kilgore - (916) 498-8494, or www.thethrivingwoman.org.

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