The Episcopal Asset Map

New Tool for Evangelism, Outreach and Disaster Mitigation

Episcopal Relief & Development and the Office of Justice and Advocacy Ministries of The Episcopal Church have launched the Asset Mapping project for the Church. This web-based platform allows Episcopal institutions to input, share, and search information about their own ministry programs and those of other congregations around the diocese and country. The uses of the Asset Map are vast, and include disaster preparedness and response, diocesan database management, ministry development, outreach and evangelism.

The Goal of the Asset Map

The goal of the Asset Map is to facilitate and encourage collaborative ministry in The Episcopal Church by providing a platform to share information about our individual mission programs and institutional resources, and to compile all of that information into one searchable, visual and easy to use database.

Your Congregation's Asset Map

Begin establishing your congregation's place and presence on the Asset Map today! Start by simply visiting the Diocesan Asset Map, locating your congregation's "pin" on the map, click on it and look to see what information is there. Your congregation may already have an Asset Map coordinator, appointed by your church leaders, who has been busily entering information into the Asset Map. Ask your congregational leaders who your Asset Map coordinator is. If your congregation's Asset Map is empty, take the survey and begin the process! Maybe you will want become the Asset Map coordinator for your congregation?

Beginning - The Survey

Any new Asset Map starts by taking a survey. Click the "Take the Survey" button to start the step by step process of entering information about your congregation that identifies and highlights the ministries, services and facilities your congregation currently provides, and also has available in times of need. Photos and videos can be included in your Asset Map as well, and can increase the visibility of your ministries.

The Asset Map and Community Resilience

The true nature of the Asset Map is to increase the connection between congregations, their communities and the assets that exist within them. Everyone has assets and valuable tools. The map becomes a resource that can help congregations and communities realize what their assets are. Then those assets can be used everyday for outreach, community service and evangelism. And everyday, the map is a valuable resource that your congregation can be developing to safe guard itself and your community in emergency situations or disasters. Preparation, outreach, fostering community and training all create resilience against adversity. Start creating resilience in your congregation's community today!

For more information and support for developing your congregation's Asset Map, please contact Diocesan Disaster Coordinator Margaret Dunning via email at or via phone at 707-592-6002.

FAQs about The Asset Map

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