The Episcopal Asset Map

Episcopal Relief & Development and the Office of Justice and Advocacy Ministries of The Episcopal Church have launched the Asset Mapping project for the Church. This web-based platform allows Episcopal institutions to input, share, and search information about their own ministry programs and those of other congregations around the diocese and country. The uses of the Asset Map are vast, and include disaster preparedness and response, diocesan da

tabase management, ministry development, outreach and evangelism.

The Asset Map is essentially an online database that looks like other map programs (i.e. Google Maps), with each plotted pin representing an Episcopal institution: church, school, seminary, diocesan office, etc. Users click on the pins on the map to:

· View and learn about a congregations' ministries, programs and resources
 · Search for similar outreach initiatives in a given area
 · Scan and view contact information for potential ministry partners
 · Locate help, relief and resources during times of crisis

The Goal of the Asset Map

The goal of the Asset Map is to facilitate and encourage collaborative ministry in The Episcopal Church by providing a platform to share information about our individual mission programs and institutional resources, and to compile all of that information into one searchable, visual and easy to use database.

Asset Map - Disaster Response Mode

A ‘disaster response mode’ is currently in development, which will enable select users to coordinate and track the Church’s response during emergencies on the Asset Map, as well as a national map and network maps for different affiliation groups.

The pilot phase began in 2012 with the Dioceses of New York and Louisiana, and was expanded in fall 2014 to work with a targeted group of approximately 20 dioceses. In 2015, the initiative continued to expand with an open invitation to all of the United States-based dioceses. The Episcopal Diocese of Northern California was one of the first five dioceses in the country to begin using the Asset Map.

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