The 2018 Bible Challenge

Start A [New] Bible Study!

Whether your congregation is starting its first Bible Study or a Bible Study for a new group of people, there are resources here to help you begin to invite people into the transformative experience of reading the Bible together!

Bishop Barry notes: “In our tradition, all clergy promise at ordination to make ongoing reading and study of the Holy Scriptures a priority and a way of life. That is because the Bible is a truly unique place of encounter with God, the God who empowers every Christian for ministry. Scripture shapes us, teaches us, guides us, and helps us be more genuinely effective partners with God in God’s mission.”

Below you’ll find: 
- Information about a webinar series to encourage and equip new and practiced Bible study and adult formation leaders
- 3 Easy-to-Lead Bible Study programs (and places to find more)
- Tips for inviting people and preparing to lead a group; available through a downloadable checklist here


3 Easy-to-Lead Bible Study programs:

#1: The Good Book Club

The Good Book Club is an invitation to all Episcopalians to join in reading the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts together during Lent and Easter 2018 (or afterward!). Forward Movement has created a set of daily readings to divide Luke and Acts into 50 days each. Each day, participants will read a few verses of Luke or Acts. Luke-Acts provides a wonderful two-part narrative. Luke tells the wondrous story of Jesus’ birth, ministry, teaching, death, and resurrection. Acts picks up where Luke leaves off and tells the story of the earliest disciples through the lens of Peter and Paul and the real star of the show — the Holy Spirit. Written by the same author, the books are accessible, and the story is a page-turner!

Resources Available from Forward Movement and its partners: (There are dozens more available from all over the Episcopal Church at

- Printed Calendar:

- Smartphone app (Good Book Club 2018 on Android and iOS): Includes each day’s readings and a daily cartoon

- Free Downloadable Bible Study Curriculum
11 sessions: perfect for someone new to leading Bible study:

- Resources for children and teens: 
Building Faith published a series of articles to help Christian educators and parents read and study Luke and Acts with children and teens.


#2: Kaleidoscope Institute Bible Study

The Kaleidoscope Institute Bible Study method is an incredibly simple and powerful way of reading the Bible together, in a way that allows the wisdom of any diverse group of people to be heard. This tool, which borrows from ancient ways of reading the Bible in community, was refined by Eric Law of the Kaleidoscope Institute, and can most easily be used with the week’s lectionary reading.

The full explanation of the method can be found on the website, but in short, the passage is read 3 times. Each time, the group pauses to reflect on a question, and each person is given the chance to speak. Almost no preparation is required, but the results are powerful, as a group learns to listen to the diversity and commonality in the ways that each person encounters Scripture. The leader’s main role is to hold the space for the group to encounter the Bible together.


#3: Video Resource: ChurchNext Bible Study Courses

If you’re new to leading Bible Study, or just want to change things up a bit, use a video to help with the leadership! There are many resources, but ChurchNext is a great and low-cost option with downloadable video series and study guides, often with really incredible presenters speaking about their areas of expertise. There’s a lot to choose from here, but Luke the Liberator is a great free course that (bonus!) goes with The Good Book Club above! Or use the video series by Archbishop Justin Welby to help convince people that reading the Bible is important!

None of these seem quite right? Do you like browsing for ideas? There is an enormous set of resources from the Anglican Communion that were compiled as part of a project: “The Bible in the Life of the Church.” They break down the resources by topic, by type of resource, and by the makeup of the group studying the Bible.

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