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  • Special Announcement

    The Office of the Bishop is pleased to announce that Sandra Littman joined the Office of the Bishop Staff as Administrative Assistant to the Bishop on December 17, 2015. Sandra is an administrative support professional, and has been working in this field for the past fifteen years. She will be in charge of scheduling and meeting coordination for Bishop Beisner, as well as managing the Bishop's visitation calendar.

  • Bishop Beisner Returns to Hong Kong

    by The Episcopal Diocese of Northern California Bishop Barry Beisner returned to Hong Kong shortly before Thanksgiving, for the ordination of the newly elected bishop of the Diocese of Eastern Kowloon, the Rt. Rev. Dr.

  • A Pentecost Message from the Bishop

    Dear Friends in Christ: Grace and peace to you as we enter a new Season of the Church year and of our journey together.The Season of Easter now ends, but the work of bearing witness to Christ's Resurrection continues. Jesus sends us, as He was sent, to continue His work of reconciliation in the world. We are partners with God in God's mission.

  • A Pentecost Message From the Bishop

    Dear Friends in Christ: Grace and peace to you. I hope that the Season of Easter, now ending, has been a time when you have experienced new life in Jesus Christ, our risen and ascended Lord. I hope that the great Fifty Days have shown you the reality of the Resurrection unfolding in our world everywhere that you have happened to look.

  • Bishop's Easter Message

    Dear Friends in Christ: Recently, I began a committee meeting by reading from the "Message," that often stimulating paraphrase of Scripture. What I chose to read on that occasion was from I Corinthians 15; I chose that passage because it goes to the heart of what the Church is about, and what we are about, and what the point of something like a church committee is all about: "It's resurrection, resurrection, always resurrection that undergirds what I do, the way I live." St. Paul goes on to exho...

  • Bishop Reflects, Urges Continued Prayer

    previously released as the Bishop's October Aurora clergy message Dear Friends in Christ: Grace and peace to you. I asked for your prayers last month as I prepared to depart for Quito, and I thank you for them. The most recent meeting of the House of Bishops was, I believe, very productive.

  • 2012 Visitation Schedule

    All Clergy in charge are asked to check Bishop Beisner's Sunday Visitation Schedule for 2012 to see whether your church is listed. Click here to view a PDF of the Bishop's Visitation Schedule. The Bishop is required to visit all congregations within the Diocese at least once every three years (Canon III.12.3a.) Because of the size of our Diocese, most churches are not visited more than once every other year.

  • A 9-11 Message from the Bishop

    Dear People of God: Grace and peace to you. As our nation, and our various communities prepare for a variety of public observances of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, we Christians need to be preparing ourselves personally as well. Part of our preparation is in asking ourselves what Archbishop Rowan Williams asked himself and us soon after 9/11: “What are we prepared to learn from this?” (You will recall that he was at Trinity, Wall Street on that day.

  • Bishop Beisner's Post-Sabbatical Message

    This message appeared in the June issue of the Aurora Clergy e-News. Click here to read the full newsletter. Dear Friends in Christ: Grace and peace to you in our Lord Jesus Christ!  I write this to you on my first day back in the office.

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