Social Media 101

Navigating Social Media 101

Come learn how to navigate the online streets of communication. Learn WHY your church needs a social media presence, HOW to join the social media world, and 3 fast and easy steps to assure your branding and integrity are maintained along the way. If you are brand new to the social media world and have yet to use the word “Friend” as a verb, this workshop is for you.

Social Media: Taking the Next Steps to Engage and Build Your Audience

You’ve set up a Facebook page for your church or ministry group, you’ve invited all of your friends, and you’ve begun sharing your news….but what next? Come join us in discovering the next level of social media. Learn to engage your audience, to analyze your “reach,” and to effectively connect and cycle your news through a plan that makes best use of your time and resources.

Please note social media includes any web-based media outlet that allows your “friends” or other connections to receive and interact with your news (share, comment, embed, etc). We will take a look at other sources of social media, including Twitter, YouTube, Picasa, Google+ and more.

Interested in this or another communications workshop? Contact diocesan communications today to arrange a visit, or call (916) 442-6918.

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