John Day - Second Career, Second Calling to the Church

John Day - Second Career, Second Calling to the Church

By Sophie Smal, Communications Coordinator

Since one of his parents was a Mormon and the other an Episcopalian, the Rev. John E. Day had an option of which faith to step into; however, he felt called into the Episcopal Church, which he attended in Salt Lake City growing up.

Even though he "chose" the Episcopal Church, Day said that the ministry really became "a second career" for him, and now he has "two 20-year careers under (his) belt."

Day's first position was as a commercial banker, and after his first 20-year stint at this particular job, Day felt lead to attend seminary in 1988 at CDSP in Berkeley, where he obtained a Master of Divinity in 1991. He was ordained to the priesthood in December of that year.

June 19, 2016, at the Church of the Saviour in Hanford, the Rev. John Day delivers a sermon and reads off the names of the victims of the Orlando tragedy. (photo from Church of the Saviour, Hanford, Facebook page)

After graduating, Day began his second career in the Diocese of Utah, where he served at the Cathedral Church of St. Mark. A few years later, Day moved to the Diocese of Los Angeles where he held the position of rector for 10 years at St. George's, La CaƱada Flintridge.

In 2010, Day moved into the Diocese of San Joaquin, where he was the priest-in-charge of both the Church of the Saviour, Hanford, and St. John's, Tulare.

About a year ago, Day moved into the Diocese of Northern California where he did supply work with the now retired Rev. Bill Adams. Day said he hopes to pursue "a real focus on congregational development and church growth" at his latest parish of Holy Trinity, Ukiah, where he was installed as priest-in-charge on May 12.

In addition to his various positions and two "careers," Day remains an Honorary Canon in the Diocese of Los Angeles and worked as a chaplain in New York after 9/11.

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