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Lenten Resources

2016 Lenten Bishop's Book: I Am With You

Click here to read about the Bishop's Book for Lent.

Easy-to-Start Lenten Programs
 for Your Congregation


Competitions among the saints, ways to incorporate art and book discussions into your
 congregation's journey through Lent and much more! For programs for your congregation,
 as you seek to grow closer to God this Lent, please click here.

Create Your Own Ash Wednesday Invitation Video 


Your friends at the Acts 8 Movement are glad to offer The Episcopal Church a customizable video for congregations to promote their Ash Wednesday liturgies. The video is a gift for you, and is available in Spanish. You may post it as is, or you can download a high resolution video and with some basic video editing skills create a customized video for your congregation. 

Click here to watch and learn more! 


Fall 2015 Bishop's Book Selection: Just Mercy

We are excited to share a few suggestions and resources to learn together from Bishop Beisner’s book selection for this fall, Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. 

If you chose to use any of these resources or to develop your own, please share your experiences with me at I look forward to learning and sharing in this experience together!

Please Click Here for All Just Mercy Resources
 to Enhance Your Reading and Discussions!

2016 Fall/Advent Bishop's Books on Sabbath

Bishop Barry has chosen "Sabbath as Resistance: Saying No to the Culture of Now" by Walter Brueggemann as the Bishop’s Book for Fall and Advent this year. As a companion book, he recommends Abraham Heschel’s spiritual classic, "The Sabbath."

Click here for resources for discussing these books, as well as resources for exploring and practicing Sabbath. It would be wonderful if we could share in this conversation as a diocese. If you use any of these resources, or develop your own, please share them with Anne at so that we can share these stories together.

2016 Advent Resources

You know, a mystery is hard to enter sometimes. That is why this time of Advent is so important. Sometimes people can walk right through a mystery and not even know it is there. This time of year you will see people hurrying in the malls buying things and doing this and that, but they will miss the Mystery. They don’t know how to get ready or maybe they just forgot. 

The church learned a long time ago that people need a way to get ready or even come close to a mystery like Christmas. During this time, we are all on the way to Bethlehem. We are all making the journey that was not just back then: It is also now… -- from the "Godly Play Advent Story"

As the church, how can we better get ready for the mystery of Christmas this year, at home, in worship, in special community gatherings, in our learning about faith? Is there an age group in your congregation that hasn’t had a chance to connect this fall? Are there areas of Christian life that need a chance to come to the forefront? What needs and opportunities do you see? 

We are here to help you brainstorm,implement, connect with each other: please let us know how we can help you get ready for the Mystery of Christmas.

Advent Resources for individuals and for congregations are available here.



Discussion Resources

Resources for discussing "Living Reconciliation," by Phil Groves and Angharad Parry Jones,
 are now available. This book is being shared with diocesan clergy by Bishop Beisner. He notes,"This book was recently given to each bishop by our Presiding Bishop. I believe it might be a useful aid to our continuing the conversation begun at Clergy Conference about the work of forgiveness and reconciliation that is at the heart of our ministry, and of the Church's mission. God bless you in that work."

Please click here to access these discussion resources.


Christian Formation Resources for Eastertide

Easter doesn’t end on Easter Sunday- it’s a season, just like Lent (in fact, it’s even longer than Lent!).
 In the language of Godly Play, Easter invites us to get to know Jesus in a new way during this time,
 just like the disciples did. How will you, as part of a Christian community, make room for Jesus’
 appearance among you during this season?

Click here for a few ideas!

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