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  • I Care: Providing Spiritual Care

    by The Sacramento BeeThe fragrance of fresh flowers fills the air in the meditation center as nurses arrive to have their hands blessed by [the] Rev. Arthur Lillicrapp, an Episcopal priest. As manager of Spiritual Care Services at Kaiser Permanente in South Sacramento, he comforts the sick and dying, counsels grieving families, and reassures staff.

  • Patient Advocates in Rocklin

    by St. Augustine of Canterbury, Rocklin St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church of Rocklin has three parishioners functioning as a Pastoral Team offering pastoral health-based support grounded in their medical experience.

  • Homeless in Paradise

    by Amanda Allagree, member of St. Nicholas', Paradise Meet Karman and Jack, who live outdoors and struggle to care for each other, and their teenage friend Amanda, who tells their story here. When I was 8 years old, my mom and I almost lost our house.

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