Our Vision

Making Disciples, Raising Up Saints & Transforming Communities for Christ in Northern California


A family of congregations in Northern California following Jesus Christ in the Anglican way as part of The Episcopal Church; we are partners with God in God’s mission here and throughout the world.


We are called to follow, trust and obey Jesus Christ

Living the Baptismal Covenant, we are to welcome, equip, empower, teach, and train all our members for ministry in the service of God's mission.

we do this in a way that accurately reflects our identity and manifests our core values.

We will bring all available resources to the accomplishment of our mission.


The Mission of this Diocese is to make disciples, raise up saints and transform communities for Christ in Northern California.


Create, develop and support healthy congregations

Healthy congregations will be well-led and well-fed. They will be worship-centered, mission-minded, intentionally diverse, compassionate communities where people are formed in the faith, educated in Scripture and tradition, and helped to develop and utilize their ministry gifts. They will encourage ever-deepening fellowship, and will attend to the pastoral needs of their members. They will be bases for outreach, with special regard for the poor.

Healthy congregations will be well-organized, well-administered, adequately resourced, and appropriately housed. They will communicate effectively, and will know how to handle change and conflict. They will be active in the life of the Diocese, collaborating in mission with other congregations and withe ecumenical partners. They will actively seek to transform the communities they serve, doing Christ's work of reconciliation, and witnessing to his justice, mercy, and peace. They will model good environmental stewardship and regard for sustainability.


Our abiding Values are the values of the New Covenant of Jesus Christ, and of our Baptismal Covenant with Him. This is how we mean to live.

In our Diocese, we are especially committed to:

  • Worship

Everything we do flows from and returns to our worship of God, which we do as beautifully and meaningfully as we can, in keeping with the best of our Anglican tradition.

  • Outreach

In the love of Christ, we care constantly for the least, the last, and the lost in body, mind and spirit.

  • Formation

We help people of all ages to grow into spiritual maturity, and to be fully equipped to live the Christian life.

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