Media Outreach


Free resources are available throughout the community!

Contact your local e-newspaper or area blog sites (simply Google your city's name and the word 'news' to locate) with details of your news for consideration on their website, e-news or blog posting. Many city websites (and printed papers) have neighborhood calendars too, and are willing to post your events there for all to see at no charge!


Paid ads in the press and positive news coverage can certainly help your congregation to build effective community outreach but paying for an ad is not the best way to gain exposure with the community.

Contact your local paper's religion news editor (if you're not sure, check their website or look for similar stories in the paper and see the journalist's name listed there). Reach out to the reporter with an invitation to meet in person, ask how they might best receive your news (do they prefer email to fax, etc).

 This way, when there is breaking news, he/she will contact you first for comment and details.

Ways to do this include calls to share news before it breaks, occasional lunch offers to discuss area news, and sending press releases containing succinct news information, contact and history details, and photos if available.

DO NOT overload your journalist with news that will not be of interest to the readers of their newspaper/magazine. Get to know which publications run which kinds of news articles, and reach out to them with news when it is relevant and timely.

For more information or with specific communications concerns, please contact diocesan communications by e-mail to or by phone to 916.442.6918.

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