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  • Summer of Episcopal Love: Youth Lead the Way

    By Lori Korleski Richardson, Interim Communications DirectorFor some, it was a full summer of participation in several youth events offered by our diocese, other dioceses and the larger Episcopal Church. For some, it was summer camp, either at Camp Living Waters in Humboldt County (see story here), St. Dorothy's Rest, Bishop's Ranch or Camp Galilee on Lake Tahoe.

  • St. George's, Carmichael, Helping Afghan Refugees

    By Lani Marks Hahn and Merle Crawford, parishioners at St. George’s, Carmichael"In Afghanistan I lived in fear every day that I would be killed because I worked for the United States military for 13 years.” These were the words of Maqbool, one of the Afghan refugees that St. George’s Episcopal Church in Carmichael, California has tried to help.

  • Pamela Anderson: New Friends & My 'Knight in Shining Armor'

    A travel memoir from the Rev. Pamela Anderson, Adult Ministries Director at Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento A couple weeks ago I was in Austria, and I decided to go to Bratislava, Slovakia for dinner one night. It's only an hour by train so I thought...

  • Lessons in Love Over Hate from Charlottesville

    By the Rev. James RichardsonThe recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, struck especially close. Seeing photographs of young men holding torches and giving Nazi salutes directly across the street from my former church, St.

  • Reading the Bible at Camp

    By the Rev. Anne Clarke, Lifelong Christian Formation CoordinatorWhen she couldn't hide him any longer, she got a little basket-boat made of papyrus, waterproofed it with tar and pitch and placed the child in it. Then she set it afloat in the reeds at the edge of the Nile.

  • Is God Calling You to Ministry?

    Have you or  someone in your congregation been trying to determine what their role in serving God and neighbor should be? Your Archdeacons in this diocese will once again be conducting a highly successful workshop series to assist individuals in the process of discernment, beginning Saturday, Sept. 16, at Church of the Epiphany,  Vacaville. Discernment is the process of clarifying what God is calling us as individuals to do.

  • Our Saviour, Placerville: A Pilgrimage Back to Their Roots

    The Rev. Deb Sabino, rector at Our Saviour, Placerville, and Deacon Stephen made a local and unusual pilgrimage last month; they attempted to retrace the paths Church of Our Savior, Placerville, founder Charles Caleb Peirce walked as the “Apostle of El Dorado County.” Their walk took them to Kelsey, Georgetown, Cool and Greenwood.The Rev. Deb and Deacon Stephen’s pilgrimage, from the perspective of Rev.

  • Mary Taggart - Destined to Become a Deacon

    By Sophie Smal, Communications CoordinatorBorn into an Episcopal family, the Rev. Mary Heller Taggart grew up going to church - first in California and then in Connecticut, where she spent much of her adolescent and adult life.In 1976, St. Paul's, Healdsburg, became Taggart's new home parish when she and her husband moved to California.

  • How Are the Poor?

    By the Rev. Pam Gossard, Deacon at Christ Church, Eureka"It’s not a coincidence that in the Scriptures, poverty is mentioned more than 2,100 times. It’s not an accident.

  • Pathways 2017: Small Steps, Big Results

    By Lori Korleski Richardson, Interim Communications DirectorA great movement doesn’t always begin with great big steps. And the youth of the Diocese of Northern California are discovering that when it comes to racial reconciliation and environmental justice, the small steps they are taking may help others to understand what it takes to break down the barriers and truly become the family of God.From June 19-23, 24 youth ages 14-18 joined with nine young adult leaders and 12 older leaders, t...

  • Clergy, Conversation and Community

    By Sophie Smal, Communications Coordinator On May 23-25, clergy of all ages, minstries, congregations and walks of life came together at The Bishop's Ranch, for what the Ven. Gary Brown, deacon at Emmanuel, Grass Valley, described as "definitely one of the better clergy conferences."The keynote speaker was Dr. Ellen Davis of Duke Divinity School who spoke on the Old Testament and how to preach it in a way that is relevant to our lives today From left: The Rev.

  • New Clergy Gather for a 'Fresh Start'

    By Sophie Smal, Communications CoordinatorThe diocese's Fresh Start program is a two year cycle and is required of all new clergy and clergy new to positions in the diocese. The program is designed to support clergy and promote collegial relationships among clergy and diocesan leadership.The idea is to create a safe environment for clergy to address transition issues and strengthen relationships so that ministry together is a 'fresh start'. Starting this year, one big change to the p...

  • St. Martin's Stands to Support Refugees

    By Sophie Smal, Communications Coordinator With immigration presenting a major debate in today's politics, St. Martin's, Davis, decided to support and spread awareness about Episcopal Migration Ministry for their 2017 Lenten project."We had already selected EMM, and then a couple of [presidential] executive orders came out [regarding immigration] so it increased our determination," Judith Stanley, chair of the Social Justice and Outreach Commission, for St. Martin's sa...

  • Church Members Reflect on Lent

    By Paula Schaap, Communications DirectorA couple of years ago, the Wingfield Deanery prepared a meditation booklet for Lent with contributions from members of different churches. But, as often happens in too-busy lives, there hadn’t been an effort to prepare a new booklet for a time.Until Archdeacon Cookie Clark decided that this year – a year when many people felt a need for words of reconciliation and healing – was the right time to revive the Lenten booklet tradition in the ...

  • Church Leaders Heed Call at Conferences to Lead and Serve

    By Paula Schaap, Communications Director “And they cast lots for them, and the lot fell on Matthias; and he was added to the eleven apostles.” Acts 1:26.On a sunny, brisk February morning, more than 90 church members, both lay and ordained, gathered at St. Luke’s, Woodland, to discover ways to be better leaders for their congregations and communities. Bishop Barry Beisner opened the Congregational Leadership Conference Saturday with a meditation on St.

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