Exploring Lay Ministry Invitations

These processes will vary by congregation. It is part of the responsibility of the CCOM to educate the congregation about the procedure.

Generally a person exploring a call to one or more Licensed Lay Ministries will approach either the Rector/Vicar or the person who coordinates the particular ministries. Alternatively, the person may be approached by someone who senses that they might have the gifts and heart for a particular ministry. The person will be put into contact with the CCOM.

Normally the CCOM will request that the discerner write a one to two page letter that includes a brief spiritual autobiography and addresses the sense of call to that ministry. They may be asked to address specific questions at the discretion of the CCOM. One or two listening meetings with the CCOM should be planned. The CCOM then informs the Rector/Vicar of the outcome of those meetings. If a background check is required for the particular ministry, the Rector/Vicar will provide the necessary paperwork.

Training depends on the practices of the congregation. The Rector/Vicar will request the license from the Bishop for those ministries that require licensing.

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