Commission for Intercultural Ministries

Supporting relationship among cultures in the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California

Our Purpose

The Commission for Intercultural Ministries seeks to help our worshiping communities live into our Christian values as articulated in our Baptismal Covenant. This includes welcoming and appreciating the diversity of the people among and around us. This diversity goes beyond ethnicity and race and includes differences in religious backgrounds, family systems, ages and sexual orientations.

Genuinely appreciating each other is difficult but rewarding work that Jesus calls us to do. It means reaching out to people we don’t know. It entails inviting others to share their stories. It requires us to truly listen. When we pursue this work of reaching out, we ourselves are changed

Who We Are

The Commission on Intercultural Ministries fosters communications between relevant ministries in the diocese. These include Black Ministries, Latinx/Hispanic ministries, Asiamerican, Indigenous, LGBTQ+ and Welcoming the Stranger ministries. The commission is comprised of faithful Episcopalians, both lay and clergy, who are committed to promoting the cultural wealth of the diocese. The commission was given this charge by Bishop Beisner in the fall of 2008.

What We Do

The Commission for Intercultural Ministries has no agenda except to help local congregations respond to the promptings of the Spirit in building bridges between cultures. We offer guest preaching and racial reconciliation training. We help people understand the Doctrine of Discovery. We help to nurture emerging ministries. Our “tool kit” consists of our individual career experiences and the learning we have derived from listening attentively and respectfully to each other. We do not charge for our time with you but we do ask for travel expenses.

Does this ministry call to you?

We are always seeking new members and ministries. If you would like to sit in on a meeting, contact either of the co-chairs for the next meeting time. Our regular meetings are teleconferences, accessible by telephone or computer. So, don’t let distance stop you! QUESTIONS? Feel free to contact any member of the commission if you have questions.

2019 Commission Members

Lynn Zender (co-chairman)
Linda Jensen (co-chairman)
The Rev. Daniel Green
Asleain (Scotty) Hodges

The Rev. Lucretia Jevne
The Rev. Lewis Powell
The Rev. Bayani Rico
Sandra Takagi
Miriam Casey
Patricia Heinicke

Native American/Indigenous Ministries

The commission supports the work of commission member and Native American Ministries Missioner the Rev. Lewis "Sitting Panther" Powell. Specific goals of Episcopal Native American/Indigenous Ministries include the following:

 - To ensure that Native Peoples are recognized and welcomed into congregational life through a network of education resources, advocacy and leadership development
 - To develop a national support system for continued remembrance, recognition and reconciliation of all Native Peoples

 For more information, visit

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