Holy Week @ Home

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Holy Week @ Home Resources for Churches

Bishop Megan's Easter 2 Sermon:

Transcript of Bishop Megan's Easter 2 Sermon: A Message from Bishop Megan Traquair

Holy Week @ Home 2020 Video: 

Click here to view, link, or download from YouTube: youtu.be/-8rsOgQo-KE

Bishop Megan's Good Friday video:

Almighty God, we pray you graciously to behold this your family, for whom our Lord Jesus Christ was willing to be betrayed, and given into the hands of sinners, and to suffer death upon the cross; who now lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

BCP 276

Link to the video here: https://youtu.be/g6_xeGHNTsk

Triduum Booklet Templates: (sources sited in each booklet)
These templates are customizable to your church. Select one and brand it for your church and your people. These templates are meant to be downloaded and opened on your laptop or desktop.  They will download into your downloads folder instead of opening on the screen, in most cases.  

Triduum Booklet at Home: Courtesy of The Rev. Robin Denny

Triduum Booklet at Home: Courtesy of The Rev. Dr. Stephen Shaver

The Three Days for Home booklet and films: Courtesy of The Rev. Amy Denny Zuniga and filmmaker Brian Capener

Editable Word version

Printable PDF version

Here are the accompanying films

Maundy Thursday I: Mandatum includes the love commandment, agape and foot-washing.

Full film

Film excerpt: Gospel Reading with Art

Maundy Thursday II : Watch portrays the stripping of the altar and all-night prayer vigil.

Full film

Film excerpt: Maundy Thursday Gospel with Art

Good Friday provides images, music and meditation for the Passion according to John.

Full film

Film excerpt: Passion Reading with Art

Easter Vigil I: Darkness touches on the new flame, the Exsultet, salvation history and baptismal renewal.

Full film

Film excerpt: New Fire, Procession, Paschal Candle, Baptismal Images

Easter Vigil II: Dawn concludes the series with the Easter proclamation and a meditation on Eucharist.

Full film

Film excerpt Easter Gospel

Film excerpt: Easter Proclamation and Gospel

Holy Week: Palm Sunday to Holy Saturday: Courtesy of St. Luke's Auburn

Editable Word version

Printable PDF version

Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday: Courtesy of St. Lukes's, Auburn

Editable Word version

Printable PDF version

Setting up Sacred Space:

A letter to my church: Courtesy of The Rev. Annie Mertz

On Sacred Space: Courtesy of The Rev. Amy Denny Zuniga

Setting up Sacred Space Videos: Courtesy of The Rev. Amy Denny Zuniga:

Sacred Space Part 1

Sacred Space Part 2

Sacred Space Part 3

Making an Altar for Home: Courtesy of Rows of Sharon

Making a Prayer Table With Your Children: Courtesy of Micki Hall

Stations of the Cross:

Stations of the Cross Booklet: Courtesy of King of Peace Episcopal Church

Stations of the Cross Booklet: Woodcut images by Margaret Adams Parker

Video Stations of the Cross: Courtesy of The Rev. Dr. Daniel London

Stations 1-6

Stations 7-13

For Children:

Holy Week at Home Coloring Book

Holy Week At Home: Family Practices for the Triduum

Stations of the Cross for Children: Courtesy of Cecelia Snyder and Chrissie Crosby

Coloring Pages:

Sign up for free, weekly coloring pages from Illustrated Ministry

An archive of pages from past weeks from Illustrated Ministry

Coloring pages for when you feel anxious from Illustrated Ministry


  • Thank you to the #NorCalEpiscopal Team Holy Week for sharing their thoughts, collaborating together, and curating resources for this page.
  • Thank you to Virginia Theological Seminary for their leadership on leading the conversation, gathering resources, and creating materials for Holy Week @ Home across the country. Their webinars are linked in the right column.

Holy Week @ Home: Creating a Home Altar

Holy Week @ Home: A pastoral message from Bishop Megan Traquair

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