Anne Clarke - Faith Pushed Her to Become a Leader and Priest

Anne Clarke - Faith Pushed Her to Become a Leader and Priest

By Sophie Smal, Communications Coordinator

Even though she never thought of herself as a leader when she was younger,  the Rev. Anne Clarke  has held the leadership position of Lifelong Christian Formation Coordinator of the diocese for two years now.   

Clarke grew up in a Lutheran church, where she found purpose in her church's youth group throughout her high school years, and she "felt compelled to go towards leadership because the work was so compelling and important."   

However, because she never saw herself in a leadership role, Clarke put her call to leadership aside  through college, although it was always in the back of her mind. When Clarke moved to Los Angeles (she was originally from Indiana), she joined the Episcopal Church. 

The Rev. Anne Clarke (in red surrounded by children) during her April 8, 2017 ordination at St. Luke's, Woodland. The Bishop is pictured at left and the Ven. Gary Brown is holding his crosier (photograph by Tom Eaton) 

Acting on her call to the priesthood, Clarke attended  Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP) in Berkeley, where she graduated in 2015 with a master of divinity and a master of arts focusing on Faith Formation in the area of Religion and Society. 

Currently, Clarke has her hands full planning the youth summer event Pathways and the Episcopal Youth Event (EYE), helping congregations establish their faith formation ministries and leaders, serving as a College of Congregational Development trainer and more.

As the diocese's Lifelong Christian Formation Coordinator, Clarke hopes to "strengthen congregations and help the community as a diocese have stronger relationships," as well as "grow in the diocese's capacity to discern calls," just as Clarke did herself.

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