Episcopal Migration Ministries

Episcopal Migration Ministries is the refugee resettlement program of The Episcopal Church, and a living example of the Church’s commitment to aid the stranger in our midst. In 2013, EMM helped almost 5,000 refugees build new lives in security and peace in 30 communities across the United States. EMM collaborates with local partner agencies in 26 Episcopal dioceses and 22 states to welcome those fleeing persecution.

 To uphold the dignity of every human being by advancing our nation’s legacy of welcome.

 Episcopal Migration Ministries' vision honors both The Episcopal Church's baptismal covenant and the historical role of the United States as a safe haven for those seeking freedom from oppression. EMM is committed to carrying these values and commitments forward into the future on behalf of the Church.

 Episcopal Migration Ministries builds a foundation for individuals forced from home and country to thrive in communities across the United States.

 Every refugee who reaches our shores brings tremendous gifts and capabilities to achieve success in the United States.Our mission is to provide every person we serve with the foundation required to live out those gifts to the fullest.

Read the Presiding Bishop's statement on refugees; congregational and individual response suggestions.

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