Electronic News

What better way to reach out with your congregation's news & upcoming events than with an electronic newsletter?

 This fast and inexpensive way to deliver news has quickly become mainstream. Here are a few things to consider before pressing "send":

1) TIME...Does your e-newsletter require the recipient to download and open a PDF or Word Document? Consider sending an html newsletter rather than one that asks the reader to take extra steps, or requires software enabled before opening. An html e-mail opens immediately upon receipt, offering a fast and easy way for the reader to interact with the news items sent.

 2) LINKS...Have you linked to additional information?
 An e-newsletter is the perfect opportunity to offer additional resources just "a click" away!

 For instance, if I were to invite you via e-newsletter to join in a special outdoor Sunday service, a link to view a map of the area might best guide me to the new location.

Do you need me to RSVP? Add a link that allows me to respond right away if I'm interested in attending.

 Does your Facebook page boast details, photos, conversation "buzz" about your event? Consider a link to "join you on Facebook" as well! Don't have a Facebook page? Click here for more information on using social media networking sites to further your communications.

 3) BRANDING...Take a careful look at your print materials, your website, and now your e-newsletter.
 Are you using different fonts, colors, or messaging? Be certain to streamline these elements to assure you are clear and consistent in your communications --no matter which way they are delivered/received!

 4) SERVICE PROVIDER...Lastly, consider using an anti-spam compliant e-mail service, such as Constant Contact, used by our diocese, or Vertical Response, ideal for those with little or no communications budget. Both carriers provide simple, easy to use e-mail service allowing you to easily manage your e-contact list, insert graphic elements, use various templates, monitor readership, and so much more. And discounts are available for non profit organizations! In fact, Vertical Response offers FREE email marketing to those who qualify (click here for details).

There are a number of other such options available; simply Google "bulk e-mail marketing" to find one that suits your needs.

For more information or with specific communications concerns, please contact diocesan communications by e-mail to communications@norcalepiscopal.org or by phone to 916.442.6918.

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