Discussion Guidelines

Once the Rector/Vicar has formally referred the discerner to the CCOM, the CCOM and the discerner should come together a minimum of three times for prayerful exploration of the possible call. These times with CCOM members and discerner should be spaced sufficiently apart that there is time for serious prayer and reflection by all parties.

A mutual understanding of what discernment is and is not should be reached before beginning group exploration of the possible call. A variety of statements regarding discernment are found in Appendix C. Discussion surrounding those statements can prove fruitful for coming to a mutual understanding of the purpose of this process.

The gathering should open with a brief prayer followed by several minutes of silent attentiveness. Take time to become settled in God’s presence.

An unhurried, reflective atmosphere should be maintained. There should be silence after each person has spoken so that all can absorb what was said.

All should hold desires and convictions lightly; leaving room for the Holy Spirit. All should be genuinely seeking God’s guidance.

Members of the CCOM should commit to regular prayer for the discerners. Discerners should commit to regular prayer for members of the CCOM.

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