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  • Cursillo #108

    Event: May 2 - 5, 2013 Application Due: April 26, 2013 by the Rev. Mike Kerrick, Rector at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Carmichael Cursillo #108 is scheduled for May 2 - 5, 2013 at St.

  • Rocklin Groundbreaking

    by St. Augustine of Canterbury, Rocklin "That's why they call it Rocklin!" exclaimed Bishop Barry Beisner, as he wielded a golden spade and struggled to lift a shovel full of cobble, marking the site of the altar of St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church's first building.

  • An Interview with Rick Harrison-Smith

    Interview and photo by Caitlin Gutenberger, News Editor At the end of 2011, Rick Harrison-Smith, Executive Director of the Episcopal Foundation of Northern California, retired. After 12 years and countless hours of service to the Foundation (all conducted while also managing his own law practice), Rick was kind enough to grant me some time for a chat about his work and himself – two subjects that, to this interviewer, appear hermetically intertwined. Rick’s work with the Foundation is a true cal...

  • St. John's Set Apart for Worship

    article and photos by Caitlin Gutenberger, Communications Coordinator "This beautiful building has become a visible symbol of the presence of Christ in our midst. It is a symbol that represents the foundation upon which we build our life - Jesus Christ. The cross atop our cupola proclaims this to our community and the world." - the Rev.

  • Fr. John Schively Celebrates 50 Years

    by Caitlin Gutenberger, Communications Coordinator Both St. John's, Roseville and the Rev. John Schively (pictured right) had many reasons to celebrate this Sunday, June 26.

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