Church Support Team

“Healthy congregations will be well-organized, well-administered, adequately resourced, and appropriately housed.” - from Our Vision: The Episcopal Diocese of Northern California

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to encourage troubled parishes to work to restore a greater degree of health, working with all parties in setting forth the problems to be addressed in an open, honest manner, and developing resolution of such problems in a climate of respect and charity and for the greater good of the Church’s witness to God.

The Church Support Team is available to assist any congregation that has experienced significant difficulties in their worship, leadership, finances or facilities. We aid congregations in returning to healthy and viable status where mission and ministry are once again the focus or in discerning an honorable and mutually-acceptable transition to another form of faith community.

Contact Us

If you believe your congregation would benefit from assistance you may contact Lynn Zender at or 530.756.4610 or you may contact Canon Andrea McMillin at or 916.442.6918, ext 214.

What We Do

We listen, we advise, we connect, we encourage.

Every congregation is unique and each situation will present its own challenges and possibilities. The Church Support Team helps congregations to gain perspective through an honest assessment of their current situation. We then join with congregational leaders to discover what options are available and realistic, and provide a non-anxious presence while the congregation discerns how God's mission and ministry will play out in the common life. The team brings experience, resources, stories and hope to congregations struggling to find the next steps.

We can provide legal, administrative, and financial specialists as well as conflict management and dispute resolution.

How to Get Help

The Church Support Team is committed to supporting any congregation experiencing a financial, building, worship, or leadership crisis. We are most effective when we are contacted early -- while the greatest number of options are still available. We respond to requests from clergy, vestries and mission committees.

The Church Support team is also designated to aid congregations designated as “Special Focus Parishes” under Sec. 32.10 of our canons in developing a course of action, and making recommendations to the Bishop and Standing Committee about the future shape and structure of the parish. 

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