The Center for Bible Study

The Center for Bible Study

by Aubrey Miller, Director of the Center for Bible Study

Save the Date: Upcoming conference to be held on September 27th at St. Augustine of Canterbury, Rocklin. Keep watching for more details to come!

For all the worthwhile reasons to study the Bible, such as to gain deeper understanding of the work of God, to receive instruction on how and why to pray, or to find encouragement through hard times, for many of us it can feel a lot like spelunking in a deep cave. We hear tales about the wonders inside. So armed with sturdy shoes and a flashlight, if we are thinking ahead, we perhaps wander carefully in several feet past the stony entrance, just far enough inside to begin feeling nervous in the dimming light.

At that point, we are in a unique situation as we straddle two worlds. The darkness in front of us is wild and enticing, and the strange smells and cool air let us know that mere inches beyond our feet lies a whole new world. But the warmth of the sun on our backs and the chirps of birds in the trees behind us are reminders of all that is normal and predictable. We might notice that we haven’t brought a jacket, or any rope, or a whistle to blow if we need help, and who knows what other gadgets avid cavers won’t leave home without. It would be best leave this cave for another day. After all, haven’t we gone in a few feet already? Isn't that enough?

This is what studying the Bible feels like for many of us. What do we bring? Where are we going? What are all these strange sights? Has anyone been here before? Bible study can indeed be challenging, but it need not be intimidating. In the first place, others have been here before, and we can learn from those who have gone before us--and from one another--as we go along. The Center for Bible Study, a new ministry based at St. Andrew’s in Antelope and funded by a generous grant from the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California, exists to connect all students of the Bible with the resources they require for the task.

The Center provides Bible study curriculum, like the series on 1 Peter St. James' in Lincoln has recently begun. The Center also provides stand-alone lessons on how to form and lead Bible study groups, how to use the major commentaries, how to make use of the Greek text of the Bible without learning the entire language and many more topics. One of the main goals of the Center is to train leaders in parishes on how to study and teach the Bible, revealing the joy of regular, deep Bible study to more and more people.

To that end, a day-long conference will be held on September 27, 2014 at St. Augustine's in Rocklin, and will encourage and equip laypersons to engage in active Bible study in their communities. Please stay tuned for more information and details about this event. Our future goal is to provide continuing education courses for all in the Diocese who require them.

To get started, please visit the Center for Bible Study’s website ( or contact the Center Director, Aubrey Miller via email at Find out how the Center might be of service to your parish. Studying the Bible, like exploring wild caves, is best done in community. Let’s go!


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