Branding is much more simple that it sounds, and much more important than most realize. It comes down to these key elements:

MESSAGE - What key message do you want affiliated with your church? If you search for your church online, is your message consistent and clear?

FONTS - Select two to three fonts (Maximum) for use in your print and web communications. Please avoid usage of underlining and bolding as a way to grab your readers' attention. Rather, use one font consistently for titles or section names, and another font for body copy. This will draw the reader's eye naturally to each section without distracting or overwhelming him/her. Select a third font when necessary. Use these pages as examples. You will see one font used for body, but all caps used for section titles, and a third option for each page header. 

- Your branding should consist of one to two colors, and ALL print and web materials should make proper use thereof. When at all possible, assure your e-newsletter, print newsletter and web site all contain similar use of logo/crest and colors, fonts and messaging. Not sure if this is being done? Print one sample of each and lay them side by side. This is the best way to quickly see whether your branding is fluid across all means of your communication.

PLACEMENT - If your contact information is consistently placed, you will have a greater chance of someone finding it.

Key question to ask here is "If I hand this flyer to a friend, who in turn hands it to another friend who does not know it is from me, will he/she be able to find my information to contact me with questions?"

Creating a style guide is much more simple that it sounds and much more important than most realize. Having a style guide assures everyone working on behalf of your congregation is on the same page. Answer a few key questions regarding font and color selection, messaging and image, and you're well on your way to assuring your congregation's communication is kept clear and consistent.

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