Bible Resources

Whether you are leading a Bible Study (it’s not hard to start one!), preparing a formation class or experience for any age, preaching, or learning on your own, it’s useful to have a collection of places to go to help with a tricky passage or for creative ideas.


Kaleidoscope Bible Study
 Eric Law’s Kaleidoscope Institute explains an easy but also very rich way to talk about the Bible together, especially in a diverse group.
Weekly questions based on the lectionary


A Prayer Book Guide to Christian Education
 A weekly essay and questions based on lectionary readings




 An enormous collection of resources on the lectionary readings for each week: everything from scholarly articles to song, visual art, and movie suggestions. Resources are also indexed so that you can look up a particular scripture passage outside the lectionary.


The Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study
 Published by Northern California’s Paraklete Press for over twenty years, this guide provides questions applicable to any size group. Booklets cost just under $8 each quarter



How to Read the Bible, by James Kugel
 A wonderful guide to the ways in which people have read the Bible in the past and the ways in which we can read it today.



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