2018 General Convention

General Convention Overview

The House of Deputies is one of the legislative houses of the bicameral General Convention of the Episcopal Church. The House of Deputies has equal numbers of clergy and lay deputies elected by each of the 109 dioceses and one convocation of Episcopal Church congregations in Europe. Like bishops, deputies cannot be instructed to vote one way or another by their diocese. They agree to come to General Convention with open hearts so that they can prayerfully listen to others and be led by the Holy Spirit.

The Episcopal Diocese of Northern California elected its deputies to the 79th General Convention at its 106th Diocesan Convention in Sacramento in 2016. They had a meeting with other California deputations in early May 2017, where they heard the Revs. Michael Barlow and Gay Clark Jennings give an overview of what would be likely be discussed at General Convention.

General Convention Preparation

* All the Blue Book reports and other resolutions as they are being filed are now available on the General Convention website, along with many other helpful resources.

* Deputies are urged to read Robert’s Rules of Order: “This will make your time at convention more fruitful,” said Polly Getz, an Executive Council lay member from the Diocese of San Diego. Can’t get through them in a month? A summary can be found here

* A webinar organized by the Provincial Leadership of the nine provinces of the Episcopal Church will be June 14, 4:30 pm Pacific, exploring resolutions on Stewardship of Creation, featuring:

• Marc Andrus, co-chair, Advisory Council, Stewardship of Creation

• Stephanie Johnson, co-chair, Advisory Council, Stewardship of Creation

• Tom Bruttell, Church Building Fund

• Bernadette Demientieff, Gwich'in Steering Committee, Alaska

More information and to register: http://tiny.cc/plc-creation

All are welcome although deputies and bishops are particularly encouraged to join in. The webinars will be taped to be available for later viewing and the links to those tapes will be on the Episcopal Province of New England website on its General Convention page. 

In Austin

The day before General Convention starts, there will be a social hour at 6 p.m. July 4 for Province VIII attendees in Salon H at the Hilton, followed by its Synod and Caucus. Province VIII includes all the dioceses within California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Alaska and Hawaii, plus the diocese of Navajoland, which extends into the northwestern corner of New Mexico.

Update from the Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs on July 9, 2019:

General Convention Data

From General Convention Office 7.9.18

Please note: these numbers are as reported 7.9.18. Registration is open through 7.13.18 so number of attendees may change, predominately in the visitor and volunteer categories.


Attendee information

House of Deputies 848

Number of Alternates registered 241

Demographics of the House of Deputies at #GC79

Number of HOB registered 154

Visitors registered 1040

Volunteers registered 948* (logistical)

Number of international guests 21 Ecumenical guests; 32 International Guests (12 of them Primates)

Episcopal Church Center staff approximately 100

Exhibit Hall

How many exhibitors? 256 booths representing 179 organizations

Are the number of exhibits up or down from 2015? By how much? Yes, UP by about 25%

Hotel rooms

The General Convention Office reports 2,100 hotel rooms booked (7.3.18)

 *A Note about Volunteers

There are different types of volunteers:

Many of the Deputies are volunteers, as are the ECW Delegates.

There are a number of volunteers for whom we pay travel expenses to assist in the support of GC but volunteer their time.

We also have daily “logistical” volunteers (most of which are local) each day for morning and afternoon shifts (i.e. in registration, worship, support in the HOD and HOB, etc..).

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